About Us

Positioning Statement

For companies based in the travel industry tired of using multiple outdated systems that do not work in unison, Zephyr Tech provides an all-in-one solution which will allow users to generate more booking and see an increase in productivity for all stages of the booking and after sale processes. Designed and tested by a team with extensive experience in the world of travel, Zephyr Tech will finally bring the industry to a new age of functionality and ease of use.

Our booking portal can handle multiple suppliers and complex product combinations, something that the travel industry has traditionally struggled with.

Current position

Zephyr Tech is currently in the early stages of going to market. With the software having been used and tested over 9 properties in multiple countries for 4 years, it has had a chance to be developed and is now robust and adaptable to suit a range of companies needs across the tourism industry.

Growth plan

Over the years this software has been tested on a range of properties with different needs, from beachfront apartments to large, centrally located ski hotels. With a core team that have spent most their lives in the travel industry we have identified a niche in the market that will be able to be utilised by a diverse range of clients, from small family run investment apartments all the way to large chains of hotels. All of these properties and tourism companies will greatly benefit of having their systems streamlined into one which can be used at multiple levels of their business.

With the downturn in travel it has given tourism companies a chance to work out how to streamline their processes and costs, and when travel inevitably opens up again in the near future they will need the systems to handle the influx of customers and to make sure that when people do start to travel it is to their business. With this change in environment within the industry there has been a large migration within the workforce which will continue as business picks up. When this occurs, it will be a huge benefit for our clients to only have to train their new staff on one centralised system and not be slowed down by arduous training processes of outdated systems.

Owning accommodation carries more risk than it has previously, we expect to see a shift in ownership from the baby boomer generation to the more tech savvy generations. Which will create greater demand for this sort of software.


While Zephyr Tech is a young emerging company, we have been developing and implementing these systems across multiple properties and within our reservations team for over 4 years now. While these systems have been in use at Oz Snow they have proven to be vital in not just the survival through major market downturns, but have allowed the properties and reservation team involved to thrive and continue to grow.
Zephyr Tech has now modified and improved the system for it to prove as much of an asset to a wide variety of businesses as it has been for Oz Snow